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Seven Secrets You Should Know Before Choosing a Home Inspector


  Seven Secrets Every Buyer Should Know Before Choosing a Home Inspector  

1. Avoid Home Inspectors Without Experience

It takes a full-time inspector at least 100 inspections to develop the eyes, ears and nose for hunting down problems. Part-time or new home inspectors simply don’t have the time in the field to develop that radar. A quality full-time home inspector conducts between 250 and 400 inspections annually – less qualified inspectors may only conduct 50 to 100 inspections annually. Conducting these inspections each year requires extensive referrals, by prior satisfied clients, lenders, real estate agents and other trusted professionals - so there is a much greater chance the inspector has a reputation of excellence. (Total Home Inspection has years of experience developing a reputation for being extremely thorough, and our inspector conducts 250-350 inspections annually!)

2. Be Cautious of Contractors Without Formal Education & Training

Being a professional home inspector is very different from being a contractor. Home inspectors are responsible for evaluating all of the systems of the home as they work together. For example, we have found cases where a plumbing contractor over-notched vital framing members to route drain lines in a crawlspace. To provide a competent evaluation of how one system can adversely affect another takes formal education and training. You should know if your inspector attended one of the top home inspection schools like ITA or AHIT or if he just took a correspondence course. In other words, is he learning on the job at the buyer’s expense?

Engineering and technology in today’s home is becoming more sophisticated all the time. Comprehensive training and continuing education is a must! (At Total Home Inspection our inspector is a graduate of ITA and meets continuing education requirements every year to stay on top of the latest industry developments!)

3. Try To Get A Home Inspection From The Owner Of The Company

Nobody works harder for you the client than the owner of the company! The success of the business depends on exceeding your expectations for quality and professionalism each and every time, and you just don’t get that level of service from “employee inspectors!” The owner of the company has a vested interest in insuring your total satisfaction! (At Total Home Inspection our owner is our inspector!)

4. Beware of Part-Time Inspectors Working “Under Someone Else’s License”

If you are dealing with a multi-inspector firm, how long has the inspector they’re sending to you been inspecting full time? Some inspection firms have been known to hire part-time and sometimes even unlicensed inspectors. If you hear “we’ll have ‘someone’ out there at 9:00 on Thursday,” it’s always wise to get the name of the inspector and look them up. After all, the quality of your inspection is only going to be as good as the individual inspector’s ability and experience. (Total Home Inspection does not employ part time or unlicensed inspectors!)

5. Stay Away From Inferior Inspection Reports And Conflicts of Interest

Quality home inspectors in today’s business don’t produce handwritten reports. A professional inspector will provide a combination checklist/narrative report. Technology has evolved where you should expect to receive a full-color report the same day, with digital photographs of the issues discovered during the course of the inspection.

The report should not contain action plans for repairs. An inspector that makes repairs should always be avoided due to the conflict of interest inherent in that situation. Professional home inspectors inspect - they don’t sell repair services! (Total Home Inspection provides reports in color with digital photographs the same day of the inspection, and we strictly adhere to ASHI’s code of ethics!)

6. Know if You’re Dealing With A National Firm, Franchise or Locally Owned Company

National firms typically get “a piece of the pie” and may be able to set corporate policies or limitations like a “90 day guarantee period” on your satisfaction. They also may have sales people solicit you for additional services such as security systems, home warranties and carpet cleaning to name a few that we’ve seen. Franchises often advertise to people who want to start a business, not necessarily to someone whose heart is into being a great home inspector. And who wants to have to call “1-800-good-luck” to talk to a real person?

Local businesses have a personal interest in your satisfaction, and you can tell. For them you’re not just a number, in fact you may be their neighbor. (Total Home Inspection is locally owned and operated with a friendly, professional staff to assist you in the office or in the field. Home inspecting is our only business. We do not solicit you for other services or share your information to third parties!)

7. Find Out What Other Home Buyers Say About The Inspector

Top-notch home inspectors ask their clients for feedback upon completion of the inspection. Professional inspectors want to know what they are doing right, as well as what might need improvement. If the inspector can’t or won’t provide client referrals, he might be getting things wrong in more ways than one! (At Total Home Inspection we ask our clients to give us their feedback, and we’ll be glad to share it with you!)


Whether you are selling your home, nearing the end of your builder’s warranty or buying your next dream, call us today to find out for yourself why so many people have great things to say about Total Home Inspection!

David Jenkins


“Without this information, we would have been clueless. Even though this home had been previously ‘renovated’ the things the contractor left unfinished would have cost us a lot of money in the long run. If you’ve ever seen the show ‘Holmes on Homes’ you know what I’m talking about.”

Joey Watson, Homewood


“A truly great experience! The inspector was very knowledgeable and made many insightful observations that set my mind at ease. Would highly recommend!”

 Joel Nichols, Pelham


“David Jenkins was very professional and extremely knowledgable regarding all aspects of the home inspection. As a first time buyer, I was very nervous about the inspection and what it would involve, and Mr. Jenkins took me through it step by step explaining each and every thing he did. Thanks to him I have a much better understanding of the "inner workings" of our new home!”

Nick Holloman,



“I value the inspector’s expertise and the professionalism that was provided. During the entire inspection everything was explained and pointed out to me. Appointment times were all at my timing and the inspector willingness to work around my schedule.”

Erma Major,


“Very thorough inspection! I didn’t feel rushed and appreciated the detail of the inspector’s report. I will absolutely use your company again and will not hesitate to refer others your way.”

Joseph Puckett, Birmingham


“We really appreciate your hard work on the inspection. You did an excellent job. We will definitely recommend you in the future.”

 Cayce Williams, Helena


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